Silcaheat 600c



SILCA® HEAT 600C is an innovative board for the construc- tion of fireplaces. It combines the natural desire for thermal radiation in the operation of domestic fireplaces with the modern requirements on a construction material for easy and fast assembling of fireplaces.

SILCA® HEAT 600C is a high temperature resistant hybrid material composed of calcium silicate and carbon. Due to the high proportion of graphite the construction board has ex- cellent heat conducting properties for the lining of fireplaces.

SILCA® HEAT 600C is not an insulation board!

SILCA® HEAT 600C meets the requirements of the technical rules for the stove and air heating construction TR-OL, according to section 3.1 as construction material and com- ponent in the heating chamber resp. convection chamber. SILCA® HEAT 600C will also fulfill the requirements according to DIN EN 14306.


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